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 The framework can be thought of as an acceleration for any team you work with. Your computer / computer may be very interesting or it may be your phone, iPhone, or any work or home device that you have and that you remember for your daily schedule. Today, we should add more about what it is and how it works.

Basically it is part of the article that acts as a connecting point between a device like a computer / computer and you. Edges can be grouped into four types based on the applications they support and the type of edge computing they control. They are: Continuous Framework, One Client - Multiple Commissions, One Client, Multi-Client Business.

This piece of your computer design allows you to have a quick and easy connection to the hardware. Because a computer cannot understand English, there must be something that makes it natural, so the framework handles it in a useful way. It's only bilingual, but faster. You will really have to stop all your private or wild activities with the help of Hulk. It is mostly specific to different types of gear and is listed below:

Flexible / cost-effective instrument schemes

As you know, the system should be basic to the work of any tool, and its usefulness depends on the device for which it was created by collecting the planners. The adaptive framework that works with all mobile phones is called Mobile OS. Several portable equipment manufacturers have been working on the structure of their cells.

Different associations offer many different tools to clients. Each of them has its own framework, which was created without the help of anyone else. Likewise, the different associations that your cells or cells present to your organs plan for no network of different associations to work with them. Today, a multifunctional installation is suitable for recording what can be compared to computers.

IT / IT system

In addition, the system has been created and used in a variety of ways with a wide range of recording devices installed. In general they evolve after the basic phases or in direct language they can be considered assemblies. The first is in the Linux stage, the second is UNIX and the third is Windows Climate or Windows stage. Linux has been created to date by various specialists and is open source and enhances programming and free commerce

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